martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Interesting news about our Organic Market

Since 2008 we have been able to offer a wide variety of organically grown produce at the Buena Tierra Organic Market.   We work with farms in Zarcero, San Antonio de Escazu, Cartago, Heredia, Valle los Santos and Turrrialba. Most of the farms are part of different associations of Organic producers: Apodar, Aprozonoc, Apot and las Brumas, and their produce is certified by external entities. A few of the farms are in transition which means they are registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and are following organic procedures until a 4 year transition period is completed and their products can be certified. 

There are some products that come from small farms that have not yet started the certification process but we have visited and seen that their produce is cultivated without agrochemicals and their methods are compatible with organic certification. We also periodically take products that are not certified for chemical analysis at CICA in the university of Costa Rica to check for residual agrochemicals.

On our board each product is labelled according to the status of the farm it is grown on.
By buying from the farms and arranging transport from each area, we save the offer guaranteed sale of their produce. We donate any surplus food to an organization that runs soup kitchen in Alajuelita once a week, a daycare service in Alajuelita, and the neighbouring kindergarten which is supported by the Damas Voluntarias de Escazu. We pay a weekly rent that also supports their projects.

Shoppers, please bring your own bags and reduce the amount of plastic used at the market. When needed we use biodegradable plastic bags and provide them to the other vendors too.

Our aim is to offer excellent quality organically grown produce at a convenient location. 

Thank you for supporting our initiative!!


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