domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

December markets

There will be a market for the next 3 wednesdays in December. The last market before Christmas will be the 22nd December. We will then do a market on the 11th Jan and another on the 25th Jan and resume our normal weekly markets in February.

Vamos a tener feria los próximos 3 miércoles en diciembre. La ultima feria antes de navidad sera el 22 diciembre. En enero las fechas de la feria serian 11 y 25, y luego en febrero volvemos a hacer feria todos los miércoles.

viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

This week's organic market

At this weeks market we will have fresh Curcuma or Turmeric; like a ginger root, but known for its excellent anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Grate a small amount on top of your meals, add it to stir fries and rice dishes, even to your juices. It gives a distinctive yellow colour, and is generally used in curries. Cost c500 for 100g
This week we will also have dried yellow organic corn, this needs to be boiled with a teaspoon of Cal (limestone) until soft. This helps separate the hard outer kernel. You then wash the corn thoroughly and grind it to use for tortillas, pupusas and arepas.
For those of you who live closer to Ciudad Colon we are helping to organise the Mercado de la Tierra, Ciudad Colon every Thursday from 8am to 12 noon in the old market building next to the church. There you will find a wide range of organic vegetables and artesanal products on sale.
Of course we are also in Escazu in front of the Red Cross every Wednesday with a great variety of fresh produce.

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Some new products this week

Hopefully this week we will have better market weather. We are going to try to arrange the producers under a large covered area on the basketball pitch to leave more space to sell the vegetables in the rancho. This should make it easier for everyone to do their shopping.
We now have a new pineapple supplier and they have gone down in price to c800, he is also bringing fresh heart of palm and yucca.
Plums are back in season again and they are delicious. One of my favourite ways of preparing them is cooked in a little water with organic tapa dulce, ginger and cinnamon.
We will have tapa dulce again this week and organic brown rice.
Come and check out the market

Esperamos que esta semana el clima va ser mejor para la feria. Vamos a poner un toldo para que algunos de los vendedores se instalen arriba en la cancha de basket. Este va hacerlo mas fácil para todos hacer sus compras.
Nuevas de la semana; tenemos un nuevo proveedor de pina y bajo a c800 c/u, también trae palmito y yuca.
Ciruelas también están de regreso, y deliciosas, yo los cocino con canela, tapa dulce y jengibre.
Habra tapa dulce y arroz organico otra vez.

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Slow Food Convivium Ciudad Colon

We will be taking part in the II convivium of Slow Food in Costa Rica this Tuesday 25th October, which is to be held in the old Market building next to the church in Ciudad Colon from 9 to 11.30 am. There will be a stands selling fresh organic produce and also prepared foods to taste and buy. For those of you who are closer to Ciudad Colon stop by and see what is on offer.
We will be holding the Escazu market as usual on Wednesday from 8 to 11 am in front of the red cross building.

viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

In spite of all the rain we have had, a lot of customers visited the market last week. Thanks to all of you who ventured out in the bad weather. We are trying to rearrange the use of space to make it easier for the customers to do their shopping.
New seller this week: Alan Rodriguez, with fresh coconut water and yucca, next week he will also be able to offer pejibyes and heart of palm.
Buena Tierra Cafeteria stand offers Dandelion green sauce, almond hummus, pesto and organic wine.
A pesar de las lluvias llegaron bastantes personas a la feria esta semana. Gracias a todas quienes nos visiten.
Habia un nuevo vendedor esta semana, con agua pipa y yuca. La próxima semana trae pejibyes y palmito también.
La mesa de la Cafeteria Buena Tierra ofrece salsa de diente de leon, hummus de almendra y vino organico.
Si no la conoce todavía venga a la feria orgánica de Escazu a ver la variedad de productos deliciosos en venta.

sábado, 1 de octubre de 2011

market news

Thanks to all our customers, old and new for helping make this market an enjoyable event. We again had a good selection of produce left until the end of the market, so you can avoid the queue and come later to buy your fresh veggies. Good news is that we now have a steady supply of organic kale, a green leafy from the cabbage family rich in antioxidants and minerals and vitamins which can help prevent cancer and lower cholesterol amongst other health benefits. It can be steamed, marinated for salads or tossed in olive oil and baked in the oven to make delicious,crispy kale chips. Another herb I would like to share with you is dandelion, this leaf is somewhat bitter but can be mixed in salads, it is third richest food source for vitamin A, it also provides calcium, potassium, and the B . It has excellent detoxifying properties, for cleansing the liver, improving gastrointestinal health, and an excellent tonic for the blood. I blend it in the food processor with garlic olive oil, arugula and parsley to make a pesto type sauce for pastas, spreading on bread or serving with brown rice. Look out for it at the market.
Our cafeteria Buena Tierra will have a stand at the market offering, its organic pesto, salsa banetto (with parsley and anchovies) dandelion sauce, and organic wine, so stop by and try our products!

viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Market news

Gracias a todos nuestros clientes fieles y a los nuevos que nos visitan! La feria esta semana estuvo llena de productos, y había bastante selección hasta el ultimo. Hay dos productos nuevos que son de mucho interés. El primero es col rizada (kale): unas hojas de color verde oscuro muy ricas en antioxidantes y con muchas vitaminas y minerales que ayudan a prevenir el cáncer. Se puede preparar al vapor, en ensalada remojada en limón o con esta receta deliciosa: lavar las hojas y secar bien, quitar los tallos y picar en pedazos no muy pequeños. Bañarlos con un poco de aceite oliva y poner en el horno a 180 grados por unos 20 minutos. Rocíar con un poco de sal marina y listo, ya tiene unas chips verdes deliciosas y saludables.
También tenemos diente de león, otra hoja rica en vitamina K y A, un poco amarga pero puede añadirse a las ensaladas y arroces o preparar una salsa rica en el procesador con ajo, aceite de oliva, diente de león, arugula y perejil, para untar al pan o condimentar pastas en lugar del pesto.

viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011

Market News

Saludos!! Esta semana pedimos mas verduras y había una buena selección hasta el final de la feria. Vamos a traer la misma cantidad la próxima semana, entonces si quieren evitar la fila de las 8am vengan un poco mas tarde, esperamos que va a haber suficiente para todos.

This week at the market we ordered a lot more produce and there was a good selection until the end of the market. We will do the same next week, so if you want to avoid the 8am rush come a bit later, there should be enough for everyone.

jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

Escazu Organic Market news

Last week's market saw a lot of new faces, thanks to all those who visit us. Next Wednesday we will order more produce to try and keep up with demand. Some of our newer products are endamame(soy beans), kale and oyster mushrooms. We also have more stands selling wide variety of foods, from fruit leather and raw food crackers, to mini aubergine, tamales, platano and frozen coconut milk.